Your little one continues to grow rapidly after 1 year old and he needs a balanced nutrition to provide important vitamins, minerals and other nutritional goodies that is needed to support overall growth and development. Balanced nutrition includes the combination of foods that provide varying amounts good nutrients1 because good nutrients are vital for bodies to function properly and each nutrient plays a specific role in the body. For example, Protein-rich food like fish, meat & eggs for muscle development2, milk and dairy products with Calcium for building strong bones & teeth3 and DHA, which is found abundantly in the brain.

As a mum, you always find ways to go beyond your 100% effort to provide balanced nutrition for your little ones. This is because when he’s a nourished kid, you have complete peace of mind.


Why is Balanced Nutrition important to children?


Your Nutrition Guide: The Malaysia Food Pyramid


Good Nutrition
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